Help Shape the Scientific Evidence Code System (SEVCO) to make the communication of science more precise and accurate.

Research results are often confusing, unclear, imprecise, misinterpreted and misapplied. We can overcome this with a common language. We can create a common language by having many people agree to the same terms.

We invite you to join an open effort to define terms for the expression of study design, statistics, and risk of bias used across the communication of science.

To make scientific evidence shareable, interoperable, and computable, it is essential to use standardized concepts from controlled terminologies and vocabularies. (Read more at  However, there are no universally accepted standardized terminologies for the expression of statistics, study design, and risk of bias.  This is what the Scientific Evidence Code System (SEVCO) Expert Working Group is doing.

We are creating the Scientific Evidence Code System (SEVCO) which will start with about 600 terms and universal agreement by experts in their use and definitions. Common standard terminology will make scientific communication more efficient in any computer-based tools.

We have a systematic protocol for defining the Scientific Evidence Code System (available at and you can read about the project at

Anyone can comment on any term in the developing code system at — just click on Term Detail then navigate to see the full discussion and draft definition.

Anyone is welcome to join the SEVCO Expert Working Group which votes on the terms and definitions to be published in SEVCO. We are seeking 100% agreement on terms and definitions with a global expert working group and put considerable attention to addressing any comments and negative votes received.

To participate you can join the Scientific Evidence Code System Expert Working Group at